Miss Victoria Norris

Pilates classes in Loughton, Essex and online.

Why Exercise with us?

Women's Health Specialist and Pilates Teacher - ONlINE So Anywhere!

Women's Health Pre/Post Natal - Pre/Post Menopause
Back Care Specialist
Comprehensive Pilates Teacher
Functional Movement and Sports Specific Coach.

You will find me Online!

Click the courses tab and you will see I offer a 4 week restore your pelvic floor 10 mins a day course and the Ultimate 12-week mentoring progr
... am to a Healthier & Happier you for management of your weight, exercise, moods, and sleep in your 40's & 50's.

16 years as a movement teacher and still as passionate as ever in helping her clients achieve the bodies they want to live in, be it a toner, pain-free or to support a sporting event or hobby.

Specialising in Women's health especially perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Tori has a full 12-week program to help you sail through your 40's and 50's in the Body and Mind you want to live

As a BACK CARE EXPERT, Tori is qualified to work with all types of back pain conditions, be it rehabilitation post-surgery, posture-related issues, and all types of spinal related problems.

SPORTS SPECIFIC focus, as an active person Tori has had lessons in many sports to understand what her client's needs are from Golf, Swimming to Tennis, and Skiing along with her current training for a Marathon. Tori is committed to providing and educating clients on how to be efficient and effective within their movements.

Tori is passionate about continuous study, different types of movements, rehabilitation, anatomy, sports along with health, and wellbeing topics.

Professional, compassionate, positive and a happy approach to life, sessions with Tori will be Efficient, Effective, and Enjoyable.
DBS Insured By: Balens

DBS: Yes
Insured By: Balens
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